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Caesar Salad

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

This Caesar salad recipe was one that my mother used to make and it brings back delicious memories of family dinners from days gone by. It is a very flavourful homemade dressing with a good kick of garlic that will keep you safe from vampires (and possibly other humans) after eating it. Don’t let that scare you away though, it’s seriously the best!


One head of romaine lettuce

3 anchovy fillets

1 egg that has been boiled for 1 minute

¼ tsp salt

⅛ tsp pepper

¼ tsp dijon mustard

2small cloves of garlic

2 tbsp fresh lemon

3 tbsp olive oil

Dash of tabasco

½ tsp Worcestershire sauce

2 tbsp + 4 tbsp parmesan cheese

4-6 slices of bacon, cooked crisp and chopped

Croutons (optional)


Using a mortar and pestle, grind the salt, anchovy, garlic, and pepper into a paste. In a small bowl, add paste, egg, mustard, lemon, olive oil, tabasco, Worcestershire, and 2 tbsp of the parmesan cheese.

When ready to serve, add the dressing to the lettuce, top with chopped bacon and the remainder of the parmesan cheese and croutons if you’re using.

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