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Discover the Best of Creemore with a Food Tour

Updated: Jun 26

Last weekend I had the pleasure of doing a food tour in the quaint town of Creemore with Heidi of Collingwood Food Tours.

She runs her Creemore tours on Sundays in the summer and let me tell you, be sure to go hungry, you’ll be sampling a lot of food!

We started with a stop at Creemore Pizza Co. who makes their dough with Creemore Springs beer. We sampled a unique “Skullzone” which was piping hot and absolutely delicious!

Next up, we visited the Bank Cafe and enjoyed their famous carrot cake, iced coffee and a blueberry scone while sitting on the patio.

Our next stop was the 100 Mile Store where we had a tasty drink made with Meredith’s Lime Elixer and sampled taro chips. It’s amazing how many delicious items are packed into this tiny store. Be sure to check out the vault in the back!

Then we took in a bit of history with a stop at the Creemore jail (North America’s smallest jail) and log cabin. The jail was open and we were able to explore the three tiny cells…it really is small!

Our next stop was the Creemore Bakery where we sampled 4 flavours of the cutest mini donuts, iced coffee and iced lavender tea…all of which were delicious. At this point we were getting pretty full so we packed some of the donuts to go.

Next up was YF Patissier Chocolatier where we sampled luxurious handmade chocolates (their baked goods are also incredible).

Of course no trip to Creemore is complete without a stop at Creemore Springs where we enjoyed 3 tasters of their refreshing beers which was perfect on a hot day.

If you’re interested in tasting food at some fantastic spots as well as learning some local history along the way, be sure to check out Collingwood Food Tours who also offer tours in Collingwood and Midland. Whether you’re from Simcoe County or an out of town visitor, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

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