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The Academy of Single Malt Whisky Explorers

Updated: May 26, 2022

The Academy of Single Malt Whisky Explorers is a club that was founded by Barrie whisky enthusiast Ray Martinelli in the Spring of 2021 with the goals of engaging whisky lovers in educational and fun tasting events while supporting the local community. From the novice whisky drinker to the connoisseur, the club welcomes all!

Since its inception, The Academy of Single Malt Whisky Explorers has hosted several virtual tasting events hosted by whisky specialists, distillery owners and master blenders, where participants sample whiskies and learn traditional distillation methods and stories behind hundreds of years of making liquid gold.

While the members of this whisky club share in the tasting experience of world renowned whisky, the club also gives back to the community by supporting local entrepreneurs as each event includes food pairings and products purchased from local establishments, both in the tasting kits as well as door prizes. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from each event are donated to the Barrie Food Bank, with a goal of donating $1000 in the first year. After only 10 months, this goal has been surpassed, with over $2000 being donated to this worthwhile cause.

The Academy of Single Malt Whisky Explorers is always planning for new and unique ways to share world renowned, premium drams with whisky enthusiasts in Central Ontario. They recently hosted their first in-person event at Liberty North Banquet hall featuring five premium Irish whiskies paired with a four-course meal in celebration of St. Patrick's Day and it was a wonderful evening!

For more information, tickets to upcoming events and to subscribe for notification about future events, visit You can also join this whisky community on their Facebook group and Instagram page.


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