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The Pine Creemore: Where Local Gets an Immersive International Twist

Updated: Jun 24

The Pine, located in Creemore Ontario, has been on a global journey to define their creative culinary style. Owners Cassie and Jeremy thoughtfully curate local ingredients with international influence. In 2024, they were even named #40 in the best 100 restaurants of Canada.

They utilize locally sourced produce, largely from Cassie’s family farm and their menu is regularly updated to reflect seasonal availability. Their meat and fish are sourced within Canada, from locations that are as local as possible, with an emphasis on sustainable practices.

The menu is highly influenced by Asian cuisine and culture based on their travel and work experiences overseas and you can tell with one look at the presentation and one taste of the food that each dish is created with the utmost care. The result is an immersive dining experience which is so much more than just a meal out at a restaurant.

Having enjoyed dining at the Pine a few times now, I can attest to the fact that dish after dish is absolute perfection. Their menu consists of a multi-course prix fixe tasting menu of seasonal items, with options to pair with local wines. The inspiration behind each dish and pairings are thoughtfully explained by the staff and Chef Jeremy’s curation of creative flavour combinations and artful plating are some of the most incredible I’ve ever experienced.

Simcoe county is lucky to have such a gem locally but be sure to book ahead, they book well in advance. To keep up to date with their latest offerings, be sure to give them a follow on their Facebook or Instagram accounts and see what they’re up to!

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